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Welcome to “The Middle”!

One of the most frequent questions I get from people is why “The Middle that Counts”?

So I thought I would share a post I wrote, to explain that very thing!


Life With This Child of Mine: The Middle That Counts
November 5, 2009

Welcome to our new home on the web!  As I mentioned in one of the last posts on my previous blog, I have been toying with the idea of creating a new family blog for a couple years now.  It always seemed too time consuming, but since I was home with a sleepy, sick child for a couple days this week, I decided to get more serious about the idea of a new blog.  As it turned out, the process has not been nearly as difficult as I’d thought it might be…and eventually, I’ll get everything straightened out (especially with the formatting of all the posts I imported from my previous blog).  For now, though, I think we’ll be rolling along just fine.

Now to answer a burning question I’m sure you all have… Why “The Middle that Counts?”

I’m so glad you asked!

If you are new to our story, you probably won’t know this…but if you have been around a while, you may remember that my transition to motherhood was not at all as easy as I thought it would be…and that just a week before we were scheduled to leave for Russia to bring Iliya home, I was experiencing some serious jitters.  Nothing out of the normal, I’ve been told…but I was still incredibly nervous.

One day, my sister – who, at the time, lived almost 3 hours away from me – and I were chatting online….she was so sure that I was just so excited to be heading back to Russia, and I was busy telling her how nervous I was.  She tried assuring me everything would be okay, but I was still being ornery about how nervous I was.  It was then that she – being the Hope Floats fan that she is – pulled out this quote, and it’s something that I have never forgotten:  “beginnings are scary, endings are usually sad, but it’s the middle that counts the most.”  That quote reminded me that what I was feeling was normal…and as we made the transition to a family of three, it reminded me to savor “the middle.”

So, when I was trying to think of a new URL for my new blog, I had tried out lots of options, but nothing was really working for me.  And then I came upon that quote again.  And I thought it would be so apropos to a family blog about life in general.

So thanks, Sarah, for thinking to quote a movie for me on that ordinary day, a couple years ago…thereby unwittingly supplying me with a most fitting web address down the road!